Latorre Signs with Dallas

The Dallas Deputies are wasting no time in signing a talented free agent. Cuban southpaw Fernando Latorre inked a 3-year, $5.2 million deal just days after leaving the Calgary Inferno.

The hard-throwing 28-year-old had spent six years at the top level with the Inferno, amassing a record of 32-22 and a career ERA of 3.88, and is leaving with two Bull Cup championship rings.

Kyle Cahill will be joined by Fernando Latorre in what is quickly becoming a competitive Dallas rotation.

Division rivals Dallas picked him up today, and it is expected that Latorre will be a top of the rotation feature along with Sandy Koufax Award winner Kyle Cahill, and Marco Helms.

The lawmen have been desperate to escape the AEL East’s basement, where they have landed for the past four seasons. But the team is showing signs of improvement, in what has been a notoriously difficult division. The Deputies finished 5th, but had a win percentage of .420 – their highest in franchise history.

Aside from three workable starting pitchers, the team boasts a solid closer in Nate “Wallburger” Weil, bullpen piece Bobby Casey, and veteran shortstop Celestino Caparica.


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