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Metros, Sharks Agree to Deal

The Montreal Metros and Norfolk Sharks have agreed to swap shortstops in a one-for-one deal that had some GMs scratching their heads.

Metros are sending 30-year-old Alphonso George to the Sharks in return for 31-year-old minor leaguer Zack Zaphod. Continue reading “Metros, Sharks Agree to Deal”

Zaphod Goes to Norfolk in Swap

The Norfolk Sharks and Louisville Sluggers have agreed to a trade that will see SS Zack Zaphod go to the Sharks, and LHP Ryan Hightower join Louisville.

The Sluggers are picking up a young back-of-the-rotation starter in the deal, a 24-year-old with a solid rookie season under his belt already, and the promise of more down the road. Continue reading “Zaphod Goes to Norfolk in Swap”