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NCAA 2018 Preview: Future HOF Talent Abounds?

The NCAA Division I season gets underway in two weeks, a long-awaited addition to the feeder league system and thus the pool of available talent for the annual amateur draft.

We take a look at the likely contenders and some individual players of note, including some Bull League second generation players who hope to live up to their names in future seasons.

NCAA DIVISION I starts Sunday, February 11. Continue reading “NCAA 2018 Preview: Future HOF Talent Abounds?”

Championship Inferno Look to Prospects for Dominance

The Calgary Inferno, who have won 2 of the last 3 Bull Cup Championships, appear to be on the cusp – or even the midst, some might argue after 3 straight AEL championships – of a dynasty. With some of the top offensive players in the league riddling their batting order, they can also boast several top league prospects coming up through their farm system.

Their top three “specs” are all pitchers, including two heat-hurling power pitchers and a possible curveball craftsman. All should be on track for major-level success within four season, just about the time the rotation will have holes to plug. Continue reading “Championship Inferno Look to Prospects for Dominance”

Stacked Boston Prospects Ready to Brawl

The Boston Brawlers tasted the playoffs for the last two seasons in a row – the first time ever the team has had back-to-back postseason appearances. And a glance at their 3rd ranked prospect pool suggests many more postseasons are coming their way.

Boston’s top prospect, Orlando Rios, has a bright future anchoring their outfield within the next 1-2 seasons

Their #6 ranked center-fielder Orlando Rios is joined by a succession of up and coming pitching arms that will surely bolster their rotation and solidify their bullpen over the next few seasons. The solid-hitting, speedy CF is already developing great contact and should find enough power to earn a regular spot in the top level in 1-2 seasons. Continue reading “Stacked Boston Prospects Ready to Brawl”

Louisville Prospects Get Little Recognition


Small market Battle Creek has trouble winning games, and the players have trouble getting noticed. This is nowhere more pronounced than in the 17th ranked prospect pool, which features a succession of first round picks no one has heard of.

But that might be changing if last season is any indication. The Attack ended 2017 with their best win percentage ever, .450, finishing in 3rd place for their second time after seeing a late-season rally that saw them go 19-15 in the last two months of the year. Continue reading “Louisville Prospects Get Little Recognition”

Arizona’s Prospects Young, Untested

The Arizona Cowboys are still years away from seeing their top prospects break into the major level, say baseball analysts.

Though the prospect rankings won’t come out until May, just before the season starts, it is not expected that the team will rise significantly above its 18th position in the team rankings. Continue reading “Arizona’s Prospects Young, Untested”

Draft Day: 2017 First Year Draft Well-Stocked

The 2017 First Year Player Draft is here, and promises to be well-stocked for both pitchers and position players, at least for the first few rounds of choices. Continue reading “Draft Day: 2017 First Year Draft Well-Stocked”