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Evandro Cerigo portrait

Ravens Clinch 3rd Straight Division Title

(GAME DATE — Sep. 18, 2020) — They still have a way to go to catch the Ohio Oxen in terms of number of LL West titles, but the Minneapolis Ravens have managed to clinch their 3rd consecutive LL West title, and are now vying for the top playoff seed with the Boston Brawlers.

With an offense powered by 40-plus home run hitters Evandro Cerigo (pictured) and Chris Zahn, and Sandy Koufax Award contender Takahide Higuchi starring in their rotation, the Ravens were almost guaranteed a playoff appearance through most of this season, but now it’s official. Continue reading “Ravens Clinch 3rd Straight Division Title”

Higuchi Garners LL #1 Pitcher Award

(GAME DATE — July 1, 2020) — The hottest hurler in the Lake League last month was Takahide Higuchi of the Minneapolis Ravens. He caught the attention of everybody in the league with some eye-catching stats, good enough to win the LL Pitcher of the Month.

In June, Higuchi starred with an impressive 4-0 record. In 6 starts he gave up 33 base hits and struck out 41 in 45 innings with a 2.00 ERA. Continue reading “Higuchi Garners LL #1 Pitcher Award”

Calgary Season In Danger of Imploding

The Calgary Inferno are already having a rocky season, currently 7½ games out of first place in the AEL West, and 4 games out of a wild card.

But the 2017 Bull Cup champs could see their season completely collapse in the second half as they hobble to the midpoint with eight of their players on the disabled list, the highest of any team. Continue reading “Calgary Season In Danger of Imploding”

Calgary Nabs Yi for 1 Year Deal

The Calgary Inferno have signed veteran free agent right-hander Yeong-suk Yi to a one-year contract worth $2.6 million.

Free agent signings and trades have been brisk, and Calgary has been fully involved this week, picking up Takahide Higuchi, an international free agent, on Friday, and executing a trade with Arizona last Wednesday that saw the Inferno send Yasuhiro Matsumoto to Arizona for a minor league pitcher. Continue reading “Calgary Nabs Yi for 1 Year Deal”