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Tidals-Storm Clash Leads to Suspensions

The California Tidals crashed into Miami, but the storm erupted on the field as Storm shortstop Jose Gonzales took exception to being hit by a pitch from Sjaak Mills in a testy game 2 of their series today.

The brawl sparked a huge come back for Miami, who had started the bottom of the 4th down by six runs, with California holding a commanding 7-1 lead. Continue reading “Tidals-Storm Clash Leads to Suspensions”

Ojeda-Rains Brawl Leads to Suspensions

Nevada 2B John Rains was suspended for 4-games for his role in tonight’s brawl with Denver

The first brawl of the year during a Denver Danger-Nevada Speeders game has led to the first suspensions of the season between the two main antagonists.

The bench clearing brouhaha occurred after Speeders second baseman John Rains charged the mound after being hit by a pitch from Danger southpaw Rich “Cactus” Ojeda. Ojeda had just given up a solo homer to Jose Torres, a towering shot to center-right field that tied the game in the bottom of the 1st inning. Continue reading “Ojeda-Rains Brawl Leads to Suspensions”


Chesser and Keith Fight, Suspended 2 Games

The league commissioner announced that two players had been suspended for inappropriate conduct. He told BNN, “What I’m trying to do with these penalties is say, we can’t stop you from doing these things, but if you do them, you have to understand you will pay the consequences.”

Baseball can be an intense game and on-field confrontations happen. However, the league disciplinary policy is to punish, sometimes severely, those who decide to settle things with their fists.

When Colin Chesser of the Adelaide Aboriginals and Percy Keith of the Newcastle Nuclears got into a scuffle during a game, both players knew that a suspension would be forthcoming.

Sure enough, today it was announced that both players will each receive a 2-game suspension for their actions in a recent game at Ste. Anne Grounds.

Chesser is batting .235 this season in 15 games with no home runs, 4 RBIs and 4 runs scored. He has 12 hits in 51 at-bats.

In 5 starts this season Keith has rung up a 4-0 record and a 2.48 ERA.

League commutes suspensions for Lachance, Lebron

The League commissioner has announced that the 10-game suspensions previously given to Brett Lachance (Ohio) and Miguel Lebron (New York) have been reduced to just 5-games, and they may rejoin their teams as of tomorrow.

The decision was made after an appeal by the Oxen manager. Also factoring in is the fact that both teams are in pennant races and the length of the original suspension would have had a detrimental impact to both clubs going into the final stretch of the regular season.

Lachance is hitting .349 this year since joining Ohio from Hamilton, with 7 homers and 24 RBIs. Lebron is 3-3 with a 5.40 ERA, 3 saves and 21 Ks in 21.2 innings in 2016.

Smith and Simpson Suspended, Out 3 Games

The league commissioner’s office had responded quickly to yesterday’s major incident at Salty Park involving the Salts Bubbles Smith and the Lawmen Devin Simpson. Both players have been given 3-game suspensions for violation of the league code of conduct. The suspensions will be effective immediately.

In his 2016 season totals, Smith has 2 home runs, .284 BA, .333 OBP, 29 RBIs and 27 runs scored.

So far this year Simpson has 2 wins and 2 losses and a 2.01 ERA.

Dallas is having another terrible year, and have the worst record in the American Eagle League, all but eliminated from a wildcard spot for this season.

Rowdy Players Suspended by League


Both benches got involved in a rowdy fracas during the Ohio-New York game at Oxen Ballpark, on an incident sparked by a brush-back pitch. The two main culprits have been suspended by the league. The Oxen Brett Lachance and the Minutemen Miguel Lebron were each issued 10-game suspensions for their unsportsmanlike behavior and aggressive actions.

This year Lachance is batting .288 with 55 hits and 11 home runs. He has scored 27 times and has batted in 36 runs.

Crunching the numbers on Lebron for the year, he has made 18 relief appearances, recorded 3 saves and compiled a 3-3 won-lost mark and 5.40 ERA. In pitching 21.2 innings, he has totaled 21 strikeouts and 18 walks.

New York was also involved in a bench-clearing fracas during yesterday’s game against Kingston.