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St. Andrew’s Day Series Games a Success

This year the St. Andrew’s Day Series saw all 20 teams in action, and some surprising results.

The 2nd annual St. Andrew’s Day Series took place yesterday, and was a resounding success by all accounts. For the first year, the exhibition games involved all 20 teams in the Bull League, and fans, scouts and GMs were treated to some great performances by the players.

At most of the games, a pre-game ceremony involving the famous Robert Burns “Address to a Haggis” took place, as bagpipes played and a Scotch whiskey toast was drunk by the invited guests. Continue reading “St. Andrew’s Day Series Games a Success”

Montreal Signs Alder

Power-throwing right-hander Ron Alder has signed with the Montreal Metros, for a reported $18 million per year over 6 years, it was announced today.

Right-hander Ron Alder signed with Montreal for $18M a year for the next 6 years

Alder last played for the Kingston Cannons, and became a free agent at the end of 2017. He will join a powerful Metros rotation that includes 2017 Sandy Koufax Award winner Judson Martel, Yoshiaki Fujimura, and lefty Tom Haviland. Continue reading “Montreal Signs Alder”

Aces Sign International Star Saito

Ryu Saito, the Japanese reliever, has penned a 2-year, $4.4 million contract to play for the Anchorage Aces, it has been revealed.

Japanese reliever Ryu Saito signed with Anchorage for $4.4 M over 2 years

At a news conference held earlier today, there was a frenzy of interest as media outlets in Alaska vied to catch a glimpse of the 6-foot, 200-lb 27-year-old with a 98 mph cut fastball. Continue reading “Aces Sign International Star Saito”

2017 St. Andrew’s Day Games Set

The 2nd annual St. Andrew’s Day series exhibition schedule has been finalized, and for the first year ever all 20 teams in the Bull League will be in action for this off-season feature.

In 2016, for the inaugural series, we saw 14 teams square off in the warmer destination cities. But this year, with so many domed stadiums in use in the league, all of the teams were able to be put into play for this special series honoring the Scottish saint. Continue reading “2017 St. Andrew’s Day Games Set”

St. Andrew’s Day Series a Success

The Bull League held its inaugural St Andrew’s Day Series, a one-day slate of exhibition games, featuring mainly inter-league matchups.

As the series occurs on the last day of November, the games were scheduled in AEL cities located in warmer areas, on in the case of Denver, a domed stadium.

The league introduced the series as a way of honoring Scottish contributions to baseball, and plans to make it an annual event.

For the first installation of the series, there were 7 match-ups. The match-ups and results are below:

Toronto Nomads 4 at Jacksonville Ravens 0 (boxscore)
W: Alex Medina  L: Ricky Rodriguez

Ohio Oxen 4 at Dallas Lawmen 5 (boxscore)
W: Bob Finney  L: Steve Howard  SV: Jon Courteau

Boston Brawlers 8 at Denver Highlanders 2 (boxscore)
W: Joaquin Torres  L: Marcus Cook

California Tidals 8 at Arizona Cowboys 9 (boxscore)
W: Ruben Medina  L: Lien-ying Li SV: Robby McWeeney

Chicoutimi Cinquantes 0 at Nevada Speeders 3 (boxscore)
W: Lorenzo Orozco  L: Mart Dewar  SV: Mitchell Nichols

Montreal Metros 6 at San Diego Seagulls 5 (11 innings) (boxscore)
W: Joe Niceley  L: Brett Abruzzo  SV: Ricardo Botello

Chicago Pit Bulls 2 at Seattle Salts 6 (boxscore)
W: Adam Price  L: Mario Morales


St Andrew’s Day Exhibition Games Announced

The Bull League will play a series of exhibition games on St. Andrew’s Day, November 30th, it was announced today

The St. Andrew’s Day Series will likely become an annual fixture, and will include some inter-league match-ups between Lake League teams at some of the warmer climate American Eagle League cities.

This year’s match-ups include (all times Eastern):

  • Toronto Ducks at Jacksonville Ravens – 12:05 pm
  • Ohio Oxen at Dallas Lawmen – 1:05 pm
  • Chicoutimi Cinquantes at Nevada Speeders – 2:05 pm
  • California Tidals at Arizona Cowboys – 3:05 pm
  • Montreal Metros at San Diego Seagulls – 3:05 pm
  • Chicago Pit Bulls at Seattle Salts – 7:05 pm

The exhibition series is seen as an early opportunity to test out lineups and bullpens that have been assembled during the early off-season, and offer an opportunity for some baseball fun with inter-league match-ups between teams that normally do not have an chance to play against each other.