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Metros Manager Pettis Walks

Montreal Metros GM Danny Desrochers has only been on the job for a day, but he has already sent manager Nick Pettis packing. The firing was announced today, and the team named Scott Stutter as his replacement at the same time.

Pettis had only been hired recently, after the departure of Michael Smith, the previous GM/Manager for the club. He had barely gotten his feet wet with spring training games before the change was announced. Continue reading “Metros Manager Pettis Walks”

New GMs Take Over in Arizona, Calgary

Two new GMs were appointed in the last two weeks, as teams prepare their front offices for the coming 2017 regular season.

Kyle Bullen was hired to run the Arizona Cowboys in the American Eagle League’s West division, officially taking the helm in time for Week 8 in the Florida Rookie League, where the Arizona Cowboys B squad out of Hollywood, FL, is 23-24, 11 games behind the Ohio Oxen B, in the Atlantic Coast Division. Continue reading “New GMs Take Over in Arizona, Calgary”