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Winter Meetings Conclude with Rule 5 Draft

The annual Bull League winter meetings conclude today with the Rule 5 draft.  The OSA top-rated player in the pool of potential picks is Chicago’s Jon Guillot, a 22-year-old 3B currently playing at AA-level Anchorage Sky Chiefs.

It is almost certain that Guillot and several other players will be picked up by teams looking for economical talent to meld into their own organizations. Continue reading “Winter Meetings Conclude with Rule 5 Draft”

Rule 5 Draft Summary

The Rule 5 Draft was held yesterday, and several minor league players will be making a debut in the “bigs” in 2017 as a result of being selected in the draft. A summary of players selected for each team is below:

Arizona cowboys

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Bull League Introduces New Player Draft

The Bull League has implemented a “Rule 5” annual player draft the first of which will be scheduled for December 2, 2016, according to an announcement made earlier today.

The Rule 5 Draft is seen as a strategy to prevent teams from stockpiling young players, many of whom may wait years to have their chance at the big leagues, when other teams would be willing to place those players on their rosters to give them major playing time. Continue reading “Bull League Introduces New Player Draft”