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Roster Expanding as Pennant Chase Heats Up

(GAME DATE — Aug. 29, 2019) — The Bull League is entering its final month of play for the 2019 season, and the pennant chase will really start in earnest, as teams active rosters expand to 40 players for the final weeks.

Several teams are expected to make some big moves, with those locked-in teams using the extra roster spaces to bring in new players who can allow their veterans some rest ahead of the playoffs, while out-of-contention teams will give their upcoming stars a chance to shine before the offseason roster decisions get made. Continue reading “Roster Expanding as Pennant Chase Heats Up”

Rosters Expand as Teams Prepare for Pennant Runs

Today is roster expansion day in the Bull League, as the teams prepare for their pennant runs going down the stretch of the last four-plus weeks of baseball.

The season officially closes on September 7, assuming there are no tie-breaking games to be played. But for the last month of the season or so the teams are allowed to expand their 25-man roster to 40 players and include some much needed depth to preserve their regulars and stars for possible playoff runs. Continue reading “Rosters Expand as Teams Prepare for Pennant Runs”

Rosters Expand

Today is roster expansion day, as Bull League teams enter the final end of season stretch. For many teams, it is an opportunity to showcase their prospects and give fans a glimpse of their future stars.

Several teams are in playoff contention, and the added depth will help weather the pennant battles in the four divisions.

Teams may now have 40 players on their active rosters until the end of the regular season.

Rosters expand August 10th

The Bull League team rosters will expand to 40 players on August 10th this year, just 3½ weeks before the end of the regular season – about 23 games left to play.

The roster expansion allows teams to call up major leaguers who are currently on minor league assignment, or to fill empty slots on their 40-man roster with prospects from their farm system who might be able to give the team depth during the final regular season pennant chase. Continue reading “Rosters expand August 10th”