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Did An All-Star Team Just Retire?

(Game date: Oct. 7, 2018) — A number of well-known players have given their notice and hit retirement following the 2018 season, and the quality of talent now leaving the rosters of the 20 clubs leaves one to wonder whether or not an All-Star Team could be fielded among their numbers?

We think so.

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Deputies Scramble as Beltran Announces Retirement

The Dallas Deputies have been left scrambling for a veteran starter after Carlos Beltran announced his retirement from baseball today.

The 37-year-old right-hander, who has spent most of his career in a New York uniform, but has bounced around the league for the past three years, had only just signed with Dallas in November, and was expected to bolster a rotation that includes Kyle Cahill, former Inferno Fernando Latorre, and former Salts hurler Marco Helms. Continue reading “Deputies Scramble as Beltran Announces Retirement”