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FRL Week #4: Admirals and Ravens Chase Down Sluggers

The Clearwater Sluggers have maintained their clutch on the top spot in the Florida Rookie League weekly team rankings once again, but the Naples Admirals and Jacksonville Beach Ravens have made impressive strides to catch up.

The Admirals and Ravens were 5th and 6th in last week’s rankings, but have improved to 2nd and 3rd respectively for Week #4. Continue reading “FRL Week #4: Admirals and Ravens Chase Down Sluggers”

Tidals Prospects: Still Years Away From Helping

Since winning back-to-back Bull Cups in 2012 and 2013, the Tidals have been in a tailspin that has had them relegated to a below-.500 finish for three out of the four seasons since.

Their first-round picks over the past several drafts just haven’t panned out, and although they’ve had an early selection in the 2016 (4th) and 2017 (6th) drafts, those players are still too new to know whether they can help a team that was frighteningly bad at run production last year (3.7 runs/game for 3rd worst in AEL). Continue reading “Tidals Prospects: Still Years Away From Helping”