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Fighting Moose Deliver Oxen an Upset in LL Series

The Rimouski Fighting Moose have upset the best team in the LL during the regular season, Ohio Oxen, shocking the Lake League playoffs in the Elimination Round.

The 2016 defending Bull Cup champions were shown the exit after falling in Game 4 of their series, 6-2. Mo-ruo Chen was credited for the win while Rusty Rowe took the hit for the loss. Continue reading “Fighting Moose Deliver Oxen an Upset in LL Series”

Metros Sweep into LLCS

The Montreal Metros have swept the Boston Brawlers in the LL Elimination Round, advancing to the Lake League Championship Series in a stunning reversal of a similar match-up between the two rivals last season.

Metros hurler Lou Bricknell, the star of a Game 2 shutout, earned the Series MVP honors, his second career playoff MVP award. Continue reading “Metros Sweep into LLCS”

AEL Postseason Set to Go

The American Eagle League postseason is set to kick off tomorrow, just one day after the Lake League’s playoffs get underway.

The Seattle Salts (63-37), who swept into 1st in the AEL West with a 21-7 run through August, take the top seed and will play the wild card Jacksonville Ravens (57-43), who finished in 2nd in the AEL East.  Continue reading “AEL Postseason Set to Go”

Salts Top the AEL West

The Seattle Salts have grabbed the division title, and playoff home advantage, despite a 3-1 loss to the Nevada Speeders today. The Salts improve to 62-36, and will likely set a club record in win percentage.

By securing the division, they re-enter the playoffs after missing the postseason in 2016, but finishing with the division pennant in 2014 and 2015. Continue reading “Salts Top the AEL West”