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GMs Get the Sack in Aftermath of BOL Finale

Three teams swiftly removed top-level managers for their clubs underperformances in the wake of the Bull Oceanic League playoffs, it was announced today.

Manager Bruce Layton and GM Jim Hargrove were released by Auckland Arsenal, while the AUSL’s last place Perth Crocodiles tossed GM Aslak Pedersen.

The management duo of Layton and Hargrove produced a dismal 15-35 (.300) record for Auckland, finishing in last place and 17 games behind the league leaders, Hamilton. Arsenal had the worst run differential in the Oceanic League’s inaugural 50-game season, and were outscored by 91 runs during the season. The team did not indicate what other changes it was planning for the lengthy off-season.

In Perth, the outgoing Pedersen had produced a record of 16-34 (.320). The team also released their coaching staff, keeping only Joel Brown on as manager, who is signed through the end of 2017.


Dukes-Crocs Complete a Deal

With just a few days left before the November 28 trade deadline, the Wellington Dukes and the Perth Crocodiles have completed five player swap both teams are calling “helpful.”

The Dukes are sending David “Duke of Montrose” Lindsay (2B) and Alexander “Duke of Hamilton” Douglas-Hamilton (1B) to Perth in exchange for Allan Eagleton (C), Jacob Harney (LHP), and Wally Clemmet (RHP).

Lindsay was one of the the top hitters on the Dukes, batting .259 this season, with 14 RBIs and 1 HR. But he has been platooned with Esme Stewart, who is having a far more successful season at 2B. The Dukes were looking for another lefty pitcher, and Jacob Harney will fit the bill nicely, with 4.1 IP in 3 games he has struck out 4 batters, and had 2 shutout innings in two appearances before finally allowing 3 hits and 2 runs on November 7.

Allan Eagleton could find a role as a DH with the Dukes, as he has good contact and some power potential, though he is currently only hitting .221 with 2 HR in 77 at bats. Finally, the Dukes feel that Wally Clemmet will make a nice setup man for their closer, Charles Lennox.