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Chicago Goes Crazy Over Team’s Playoff Birth

(GAME DATE — Sep. 30, 2020) — After years of watching postseasons from the sidelines, the Chicago today finally punched their ticket to the playoffs. Fans of the Chicago Pit Bulls were ecstatic; so much that some even took to the streets. Some streets in downtown Chicago had to be blocked off by police in order for the fans to stay safe.

“It’s a dream come true,” said one loyal fan. “I’ve been watching this team come together throughout the year, and even with our ups and downs, I feel like the team we have really has what it takes to win it all.” Another fan said, “This team is one of the best I’ve seen for us. I can’t wait to be able to see them in the playoffs representing the city.” Continue reading “Chicago Goes Crazy Over Team’s Playoff Birth”

Tidals Clinch Wild Card

(GAME DATE — Sep. 29, 2020) — The California Tidals are Metropolitan League wild card winners.

The postseason berth became official today and players and coaches alike celebrated as the team prepares to go in search of the franchise’s 3rd Bull Cup.

“We’re proud of where we are right now, but know there’s a lot of work ahead of us to get what we all want,” said first baseman Hiroki Omiya. “We’re definitely not satisfied just to make the playoffs.”

Cowboys Take First Division Title

(GAME DATE — Sep. 26, 2020) — The Arizona Cowboys were already guaranteed a playoff spot a week ago, but now they can claim their first division title as they have cemented their seat atop the Metro League West division for the 2020 season.

Currently 89-70, they are now 4 games ahead of the Nevada Speeders with just 3 games left to play — the Speeders are firmly in the wild card, but are now mathematically unable to unseat Arizona. Continue reading “Cowboys Take First Division Title”

Will We See Lengthy Bull Cup Drought End in 2020?

(GAME DATE — Sept. 19, 2020) — Several probable and confirmed pennant race teams this year have lengthy Bull Cup droughts, or have never won at all, meaning this year could see a record set when it’s all over.

Most prominent are the LL East division title winners, the Boston Brawlers, who have never won a Bull Cup in the 29 years since the trophy has been awarded. They came close just once, in the inaugural year, losing to the ten Chicago Knights in 1991, the first year the cup was contested. Continue reading “Will We See Lengthy Bull Cup Drought End in 2020?”

Defending Champs, Admirals, Clinch Division Again

(GAME DATE — Sep. 19, 2020) — The defending Bull Cup champions, the St. Petersburg Admirals, have clinched their third straight division title since moving into the East division of the Metro League (formerly the American Eagle League), securing a fifth straight playoff appearance.

With a 90-62 record and 10 games left to play, their nearest division rival, the Washington Freedom, can no longer catch them as they are 10½ games back. Continue reading “Defending Champs, Admirals, Clinch Division Again”

Evandro Cerigo portrait

Ravens Clinch 3rd Straight Division Title

(GAME DATE — Sep. 18, 2020) — They still have a way to go to catch the Ohio Oxen in terms of number of LL West titles, but the Minneapolis Ravens have managed to clinch their 3rd consecutive LL West title, and are now vying for the top playoff seed with the Boston Brawlers.

With an offense powered by 40-plus home run hitters Evandro Cerigo (pictured) and Chris Zahn, and Sandy Koufax Award contender Takahide Higuchi starring in their rotation, the Ravens were almost guaranteed a playoff appearance through most of this season, but now it’s official. Continue reading “Ravens Clinch 3rd Straight Division Title”