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New Bull Cup Trophies Commissioned

The Commissioner of the Bull League has authorized the creation of a new design of Bull Cup trophy to be awarded annually to the team that wins the Bull Cup Championship Series each season.

The new annual award replaces the former design permanent trophy, on which were recorded each annual winning team. The new trophy was created by The Award Store of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Continue reading “New Bull Cup Trophies Commissioned”

Episode #22 (2018): The Free Agency Edition

In this special, hour+ long podcast, we discuss the state of the league’s finances, who is arbitration eligible, and who the big-name free agents are that are compensation eligible, breaking down team by team who might … and who should … get a Qualifying Offer of $13.3 million. We also announce GM of the Year vote results.

Episode #21 (2018): Metros Bull Cup Champs!

We recap the 2018 playoffs and how the Montreal Metros won the Bull Cup championships over the St. Pete’s Admirals, as well as recap the 2018 player awards, talk about some changes coming to the league for 2019 (as well as our new sim schedule), and basically get you motivated for more baseball!

Episode #20 (2018): It’s Playoff Time!

Fortunes are won and lost in the postseason. And now the 2018 playoffs are here to entertain and thrill us; (2:55) We review the season ending Bull League standings; (16:00) 2018 Playoff Match-ups are previewed, with some analysis and predictions; (50:30) Recap of some of the batting and pitching leaders from the LL and AEL; (56:13) Patreon campaign reminder and thanks to patrons Danny Desrochers and Lawrence Tabachnick.