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Rambo a Lock for MVP, Rookie Nods, Rest of Awards Wide Open

(GAME DATE — Oct. 27, 2020) — The indomitable Chicago rookie sensation John Rambo is a virtual guarantee to take home the Lake League’s Carl Simms MVP Award and the Rookie of the Year Awards for the 2020 season, along with the Gold Crown for the RF position.

This has been nearly certain since the all-star break, when the 23-year-old drafted last year out of Arizona State was among LL HR leaders by then, and hit a 2-run shot in his only all-star game at bat. But the rest of the player awards are less certain, and early returns on voting have shown few locks as solid as Rambo. Continue reading “Rambo a Lock for MVP, Rookie Nods, Rest of Awards Wide Open”

Hot International Free Agents Hit Market

Searing hot talented international free agents have been cleared to accept offers from Bull League teams this week, an announcement from the commissioner’s office says.

In total, just 18 qualifying “international free agents” are on the market, and competition between teams to sign them will be fierce, it is anticipated. Continue reading “Hot International Free Agents Hit Market”