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StatsLab Management Portal Goes Live

The Bull League has implemented StatsLab v3.16.2, a management and information portal for Bull League GM’s to better manage their organizations.

Every GM and Manager will have access using the “GM Login” menu option on the Bull League website. This brief YouTube video offers a walk through of the main features of the portal:

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OOTP Releases “Hotfix” – 17.10 Build 67

The developers of the OOTP17 game have released a new version to fix critical errors in the version released two days ago. We are hoping this isn’t a trend, but we are quickly learning that all of the human managers participating will require the same version as the Bull League commissioner.

Our OOTP17 comes from Steam, which updates automatically, and so the Bull League is now using Version 17.10 Build 67, which was released today.

Human managers must use the same version as well, or update prior to downloading the current league file, otherwise there may be errors when unpacking the league file.


Online Play Goes Live!

The Bull League is now available for online play, using the OOTP17 baseball simulation game (available from their website, or on Steam).

To participate, just send en email to the league commissioner, and select an available team to manage. You must be running the current version of OOTP17 (Version 17.9 Build 60 Build 67), and you will be provided with the necessary settings in order to import/export the online league files from the server. Continue reading “Online Play Goes Live!”

Bull Baseball League Website Launches

A full 27 years after the Bull League Baseball Association, the predecessor to the present-day Bull Baseball League, was first founded, this website has been launched to finally bring the fictional baseball league to life.

What began on the Earl Weaver Baseball simulation game on the Commodore Amiga in 1989 is now evolving into a modern fictional baseball simulation league using the OOTP17 (Out of the Park 17) program.

This website will bring news, information, stats and downloadable data to spectators, team managers, and the world, and will include a comprehensive Wiki to capture and detail the encyclopedic past and present details of this unique baseball world.

We hope you enjoy it!