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Olean Sale Reversed – Team Moves Back to Florida

The paint had just dried on the new Olean Oilers locker room, and season tickets had been transferred, but it looks like the Olean Oilers sale has falled through and the team will be moving back to Jacksonville, it has been reported.

The move comes as Bart Snyder announced his unexpected resignation as GM, undoing weeks of prep work to get the team ready for its debut in the upstate New York town of Olean.

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Spring Training Starts Injury Free

Spring Training for 2017, which opens tomorrow, will start relatively “injury free” according to a recent review of the league’s injury reports. Only two players currently on Bull League team rosters are unhealthy, though several players on minor league contracts are listed as unavailable. Continue reading “Spring Training Starts Injury Free”

Jacksonville Finalizes Move to Western New York, Become Olean Oilers

The Jacksonville Ravens have completed a move and re-naming which will see them start 2017 in Olean, NY, as the Olean Oilers, it was announced today.

New GM and manager Bart Snyder had made the announcement to the GMs earlier, but the team was now ready to unveil it’s new logo and make the announcement publicly just days before the start of Spring Training for 2017.

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