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Extending a Line: Who’s Likely to Re-up This Year?

Every team has at least someone due to become a free agent at the end of 2018, the big question is, will those teams be looking to sign those players to extensions, and if not, will other teams be bidding for their services come this fall?

We take a look at a team-by-team snapshot of who is eligible for a re-up and what the chances are of them doing so. Continue reading “Extending a Line: Who’s Likely to Re-up This Year?”

Age is Just a Number: Top 7 Oldest Players

While young, top prospects are always in high demand, good managers know that at times their team relies on the seasoned veterans to make a real difference on the roster. While staying healthy can be a challenge for the older players, at times, their abilities can often far exceed expectations.

This year, there are seven players entering the 2017 season at or above the age of 38. We break them down here: Continue reading “Age is Just a Number: Top 7 Oldest Players”

Denver Announces Deal for Veteran CL

There was a buzz in the air today as news broke of Denver finalizing a deal with star closer Nick MacLellan.

The deal, worth an estimated $5,520,000 over 2 years, is being hailed by media analysts and could be a popular one with the Denver fans. The consensus is that MacLellan will contribute a lot to the team.

MacLellan has converted 234 saves in his career. Over 549 games he has compiled a 3.38 ERA, 49 wins, 45 losses and 576 strikeouts in 647 innings pitched.