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Toronto Makes Some Changes to the Front Office

Toronto Nomads assistant GM Bart Cartier was given his pink slip today, as the front office announced several changes amongst the organization’s front office and coaching staff.

Two other mid-season departures were announced, including A-level London Bluebirds manager Rory Sharpe, and short season A-level Killam Cyclones manager Joey Murphy. Continue reading “Toronto Makes Some Changes to the Front Office”

Episode #7 (2018): College baseball in full flight, Top FA’s for 2018, and more

In this episode we look at the college systems, and who the likely top draft-eligible players will be come June; we run down the biggest named among the players in their final contract year, and guess whether they will sign for big deals or just peanuts; and we examine the 20th-11th ranked minor league systems and the top prospect for each.


Wrath of Cahn in Cairo

Luong Cahn, the prospect slugger first baseman drafted in a year ago last June by the New York Dragons, will lead a team that includes both Calgary and New York minor leaguers into next year’s Bull Oceanic Winter League for the Cairo Pharaohs.

Cahn had shown some pop in his bat earlier this year with the New York rookie-level team in the former Florida Rookie League, batting .307/.369/.502 with 12 homers and 33 RBIs, including two Grand Slams in 3 games, one of them a clutch 12th inning walk-off. Continue reading “Wrath of Cahn in Cairo”


Gold Coast Goes with Moultrup, Shintani

The Gold Coast Stars in the Bull Oceanic Winter League have announced their roster and lineups for the January start to the season, and they have managed to land some of the most talented players from both the Boston and California minor league organizations.

Right-hander Kyoshi Shintani was a first round draft pick for the California Tidals last June, after completing 75 innings with Melbourne U in the Pacific Rim College League earlier in 2017. Continue reading “Gold Coast Goes with Moultrup, Shintani”


Rosters Selected for BOWL Winter Ball

The Bull Oceanic Winter League gets underway soon, an opportunity for young, developing baseball players to get some more playing time and bring their skill level up before Spring Training and the 2018 regular season, with roster selection for the teams taking place on December 9th.

Players must be at AA-level or below to qualify for a roster spot, and the BOWL teams rosters are each constituted from players from two Bull League organizations. Continue reading “Rosters Selected for BOWL Winter Ball”