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Chicago Looks Forward to Stellar 2021

(GAME DATE — April 26, 2021) — The preseason predictions were out in time for Opening Day, and so far, just after 3 weeks of play, the predictions are shaping up accurately for the high-flying defensing champion Chicago Pit Bulls.

Chicago won the Bull Cup as a 2nd wild card entry in the 2020 postseason, finishing 85-77 (.525) in their LL West division, before taking down Boston and Toronto on their way to the finals, where they took Nevada to game 6 and won the series 4-2. Continue reading “Chicago Looks Forward to Stellar 2021”

Chicago Goes Crazy Over Team’s Playoff Birth

(GAME DATE — Sep. 30, 2020) — After years of watching postseasons from the sidelines, the Chicago today finally punched their ticket to the playoffs. Fans of the Chicago Pit Bulls were ecstatic; so much that some even took to the streets. Some streets in downtown Chicago had to be blocked off by police in order for the fans to stay safe.

“It’s a dream come true,” said one loyal fan. “I’ve been watching this team come together throughout the year, and even with our ups and downs, I feel like the team we have really has what it takes to win it all.” Another fan said, “This team is one of the best I’ve seen for us. I can’t wait to be able to see them in the playoffs representing the city.” Continue reading “Chicago Goes Crazy Over Team’s Playoff Birth”

Strang Wins LL’s Best Bat Trophy

(GAME DATE — June 1, 2020) – Mike Strang really smoked the ball in May on his way to Batter of the Month honors in the Lake League.

The Chicago left fielder hit .389 with 12 home runs, 35 RBIs and 35 runs scored to round out his great month. Continue reading “Strang Wins LL’s Best Bat Trophy”

Chicago-Nevada Series Sure to Rehash Old Rivalry

The Chicago Pit Bulls moved out of the American Eagle League starting with the 2012 season, and former AEL East rivals, Nevada Speeders, were moved to the AEL West at the same time, and have not yet made a playoff since then.

As a result, the two teams have not played against each other in over six seasons, but had frequently tussled for first place in their former division back then. Continue reading “Chicago-Nevada Series Sure to Rehash Old Rivalry”