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Lake League Awards Announced

(Game date: Oct. 7, 2018) — The Lake League’s 2018 player awards have been announced today, and there are few surprises among the winners.

Metros outfielder Orlando Garza was named LL MVP for 2018

Starting with the Carl Simms MVP Award, which recognizes the premier position player in the league based on their overall contribution to their team during the season, this year’s recipient went to Orlando Garza, of the 2018 Bull Cup championship Montreal Metros.

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Aberto takes LL Batting Honors

Venezuelan outfielder Bruce Aberto, of the Boston Brawlers, claimed the Lake League batting title for 2016 with an impressive .336 average during regular season play.

The 24 year old missed all of 2015 with a fractured ankle, but more than made up for his absence with a disciplined approach to his consistent swinging. He was player of the week at the beginning of August, and went 4 for 4 with 2 home runs and 3 RBI against the Metros on August 2nd.