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Simulations Resume Today

League game simulations will resume today, according to the Bull League Commissioner. The simulation schedule had been on hold during the commissioner’s annual leave, which concluded yesterday.

As of this date, there are three days left to play in the 2016 Regular Season schedule: September 2, 3 and 4. There will also be a make-up game scheduled on Sept. 5 for Boston vs. Montreal, which had been postponed from an earlier rain out. All of the simulations for these games will be completed by tomorrow.

The 2016 Bull League playoffs begin Sept. 6. Simulations for these games will begin on Saturday, September 10.

The following Lake League teams have clinched playoff positions: Montreal MetrosNew York Minutemen (wildcard), and the Boston Brawlers (wildcard), all of the LL East. The final position is the LL West division leader, with the Ohio Oxen leading two teams tied for second place by three games, and are heavily favored to clinch.

The Eagle League is wide open still, with only the Denver Highlanders in the AEL East having clinched a playoff position. The Jacksonville Ravens are close behind and could challenge them for the division title. San Diego Seagulls are favored to win the AEL West title, but are being challenged by the Seattle Salts.


Simulations up to Aug. 22

Game simulations have been completed up to August 22 on the schedule, and the league file and HTML reports are available online.

League File:


HTML reports:


Simulation days:



Sim Update, August 19-20

Sims are done through to Saturday, August 20. The league file is available online, the standings on the website are as of that date, and the latest news/scores are in the HTML reports online.

Originally, these sims were to run tomorrow and include the August 21st games.  August 21 will now be run tomorrow (Wednesday, August 17). The team exports should be in by 10AM.  Then the schedule previously posted will continue as indicated.

The daily sim results are here:




Scheduled Day Off

Tuesday is a scheduled day off for all teams in the Bull League, a well deserved opportunity for pitchers and injured players to rest and recover.

The league has simulated games up to Thursday, August 18, and thus the standings on the site are shown as of that date. In addition, the reports also reflect activity up till that date.

The simulation schedule was updated, the league feels we can shorten the timeline so that the schedule is not as far behind when the commissioner returns from vacation on September 7.


Simulations Update for End of Season


The commissioner will be on vacation from August 22-September 7. The Playoffs are scheduled to begin on September 6, with the end of the regular season coming on September 4th.

As the end of the season is critical for those teams in playoff running, and human managers will want to have close involvement in their teams during the final days of the schedule, we will be modifying our “real-time” sim schedule to delay the last few simulations. Here is the schedule: Continue reading “Simulations Update for End of Season”

Sim Results for August 17-18

The games have been played out for Wednesday, August 17, and Thursday, August 18. The latest league file is now available for download.

Team exports are due by Wednesday, Aug. 17, at 10PM.  Next simulated days will be Friday-Sunday (Aug. 19-21) with the league file posted Sunday evening.  There will then be NO sims until September due to vacation.  Good luck all!

Real Time Sim Results – 2018-08-17

Real Time Sim Results – 2018-08-18