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Judson Martel Sidelined for Season

Doctors in Montreal said Judson Martel might not play anymore this year. The Metros starting pitcher suffered a stretched elbow ligament during a game against the Rimouski Fighting Moose and will be out for at least 9 months. Club officials told BNN they do not expect him to return to the team this season.

This year Martel has recorded a 11-1 mark. In 16 starts he has fanned 159 batters in 126 innings with a 1.36 ERA. He was leading the Lake League in ERA and strikeouts, along with shutouts. Martel was also two strikeouts away from setting a career high. Continue reading “Judson Martel Sidelined for Season”

June 19, 2017 – WEEK 6 – Judson Martel in Charge, Oxen Hard to Beat, and More

This week we re-start the podcast after a too-long absence, with a focus on Montreal starter Judson “Fivespot” Martel, who is leading Lake League pitchers in several categories and looking dominant for 2017, well on his way to perhaps a Sandy Koufax Award this year. We also highlight the 2016 defending champs, Ohio Oxen, who are stacking home runs without regrets. Up and coming pitcher Jose Soto (Anchorage) is making a name for himself in the American Eagle League, and the Nevada Speeders are struggling, but have shown signs of reviving themselves and could finish strong this year.


2007 Draft: A Look Back

Baseball is a sport where young, talented prospect players can be notoriously slow to develop into elite superstars. Generally, it takes 4-6 years for a high school or college draftee to finally make the big leagues, though some exceptional players may make the jump straight away.

But ten years after a draft is about when you can reflect on the quality of a particular draft class and properly assess the players who were drafted. Here, one month before the 2017 draft, we look at the Class of 2007 draftees. Who is still hot, who is not, and some who will never be.  Continue reading “2007 Draft: A Look Back”