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Toronto Mulls Decisions After Playoff Exit

The Toronto Nomads are going to miss the playoffs for the 7th season in a row, and frustrated fans and front office executives are mulling decisions for 2018.

For the fans, the decision is easy: keep supporting the team by buying seasons tickets, or not? Continue reading “Toronto Mulls Decisions After Playoff Exit”

Toronto, Nevada Swap Players

In what is the first trade of the year, BNN has learned the Toronto Nomads have reportedly worked out a deal with the Nevada Speeders. Sources close to the Nomads indicated that a trade has been reached in principle where 27-year-old SS Juan Campos and 24-year-old C Victor Dozal will be swapped to Toronto with 24-year-old 3B Jose Torres and 21-year-old minor league SS Scott Carnell heading to Nevada. Neither organization would comment on the report, saying it was club policy not to speak about a trade until it was finalized.

Torres’ career batting average stands at .260, and he has 8 home runs.