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Rambo Confirmed as MVP, ROTY; 2020 Awards Announced

(GAME DATE – Nov 10, 2020) — In the least surprising news in Bull League history, hotshot rookie sensation John Rambo was announced as the winner of the LL Carl Simms MVP Award and Rookie of the Year Award winner for the 2020 baseball season.

It was nearly a sweep for 1st place votes in both awards, with Chicago’s Rambo earning 7 or 8 first place votes cast, for a total of 36 points for the MVP nod. The outfielder, who was 2 home runs away from the Bull League’s first batting Triple Crown, more than doubled the points collected by teammate Jon Guillot, who garnered 15 points for second place. Continue reading “Rambo Confirmed as MVP, ROTY; 2020 Awards Announced”

Rambo a Lock for MVP, Rookie Nods, Rest of Awards Wide Open

(GAME DATE — Oct. 27, 2020) — The indomitable Chicago rookie sensation John Rambo is a virtual guarantee to take home the Lake League’s Carl Simms MVP Award and the Rookie of the Year Awards for the 2020 season, along with the Gold Crown for the RF position.

This has been nearly certain since the all-star break, when the 23-year-old drafted last year out of Arizona State was among LL HR leaders by then, and hit a 2-run shot in his only all-star game at bat. But the rest of the player awards are less certain, and early returns on voting have shown few locks as solid as Rambo. Continue reading “Rambo a Lock for MVP, Rookie Nods, Rest of Awards Wide Open”

Pit Bulls Win the Bull Cup, Overcoming 2-0 Deficit

(GAME DATE — Oct. 26, 2020) — The Chicago Pit Bulls have proven they can run with the big dogs, after an exciting come from behind series win to take their first Bull Cup in 28 seasons.

The Chicago squad had dropped the first two games of the Bull Cup Championship Series to the Metro League’s Nevada Speeders, and looked to be facing serious trouble with a possible sweep. But they battled back to a 14-7 win in game 3 after the series moved to their home stadium, giving them their first W and avoiding a sweep. Continue reading “Pit Bulls Win the Bull Cup, Overcoming 2-0 Deficit”

Rambo Makes History, Claims 6th Rookie of the Month

(GAME DATE — Oct. 1, 2020) — John Rambo, the rookie outfielder for the Chicago Pit Bulls, has carved his name in Bull League history with a sixth straight LL Rookie of the Month nod, giving him a clean sweep for all six months of the 2020 season, a league first.

Rambo has lit up baseball since making his debut this season straight out of spring training. He smashed the Bull League records for hits (244) and total bases (447), and came within a pair of home runs from claiming the league’s first ever batting Triple Crown. He led the LL in batting, with a .374 average, led in RBIs with 162, and was tied for second in home runs with 52, behind teammate Mike Strang. Continue reading “Rambo Makes History, Claims 6th Rookie of the Month”

Rambo Leads LL Hitters

(GAME DATE — Sep. 30, 2020) — At an age where many of his peers are still trying to establish themselves in Bull Baseball League, John Rambo of the Chicago Pit Bulls stepped up to win a Lake League batting title, with a .374 mark.

On the season, he compiled 244 hits, 45 doubles, 1 triple and 52 home runs. In 156 games Rambo totaled 162 RBIs and scored 141 runs. Continue reading “Rambo Leads LL Hitters”

Chicago Goes Crazy Over Team’s Playoff Birth

(GAME DATE — Sep. 30, 2020) — After years of watching postseasons from the sidelines, the Chicago today finally punched their ticket to the playoffs. Fans of the Chicago Pit Bulls were ecstatic; so much that some even took to the streets. Some streets in downtown Chicago had to be blocked off by police in order for the fans to stay safe.

“It’s a dream come true,” said one loyal fan. “I’ve been watching this team come together throughout the year, and even with our ups and downs, I feel like the team we have really has what it takes to win it all.” Another fan said, “This team is one of the best I’ve seen for us. I can’t wait to be able to see them in the playoffs representing the city.” Continue reading “Chicago Goes Crazy Over Team’s Playoff Birth”