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Pitman Receives Injury Update

The Hamilton Hammers have made it official: Jeremy Pitman is headed to the disabled list. The 31-year-old starting pitcher has been out since 12/08/2016 with a torn back muscle. He is expected to miss 5 months.

To date this season, Pitman has registered 8 starts, 7-0 won-lost mark, 1.23 ERA, 66 IP, 43 strikeouts and 18 walks. Opposing teams have hit .162 against him.

Hammers management are said to be “disappointed.”


NZL Announces Best Pitcher for November

The Hamilton Hammers celebrated today after the news filtered through the clubhouse that Jeremy Pitman had been selected as November’s New Zealand League Pitcher of the Month. Pitman’s zest for the game has been a frequent topic on the sports pages and his numbers of late have made his fans even more enthusiastic.

“Our coaching staff really helps me prepare well,” Pitman said, “and the fans feed off good pitching. Your pitches just seem to have that extra pop to them when the fans are behind you and you feel confident you can get outs.”

Pitman tossed 50.1 innings last month, holding opponents to a .155 average while striking out 35 batters. In 6 starting assignments he came away with a 6-0 record, putting together an ERA of 1.25.

This year Pitman has fashioned a 6-0 mark, 1.25 ERA and pitched 50.1 innings. Opposing clubs are batting .155 against him and he has logged 35 strikeouts.