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Dragons to Celebrate Bull Cup Win 10th Anniversary in 2018

The New York Dragons have unveiled a new logo to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their last Bull Cup Championship in 2008.

There will be a pregame ceremony on Opening Day next season to publicly unveil the commemorative branding, and the logo will likely appear somewhere on the team’s uniforms next season. Continue reading “Dragons to Celebrate Bull Cup Win 10th Anniversary in 2018”

Hall of Fame Voting Opens Today

The Hall of Fame voting period opens today for the 2018 induction ceremonies.

While there are a trio of worthy players in their first-year of eligibility, there are also some who have been on the ballot before and who are hoping this will be their year. Continue reading “Hall of Fame Voting Opens Today”

Captain Bats Celebrates 51st Birthday

Hall of Famer Barry “Captain” Bats, who wore #6 for the Richmond Ravens, New York Minutemen, and other teams, is celebrating his 51st birthday today.

Captain Bats mainly played right field, and retired in 2005. He was inducted into the Bull League Hall of Fame on his 4th time on the ballot, in 2013. Continue reading “Captain Bats Celebrates 51st Birthday”

Class of ’18: Hall of Fame Preview

Hall of Fame voting doesn’t start until December, but we take a sneak peek at the newest eligible retired players, recap their exploits, and opine on whether or not they deserve a cherished plaque in the hallowed halls of Bull League baseball history.

There are four new faces on the ballot, but of them just three have a realistic shot at being elected – a potential Hall of Fame outfield of Dave Norman, Joe Balaski and Andrew White.

Continue reading “Class of ’18: Hall of Fame Preview”

HOFer Rosy Celebrates 45th Birthday

Always Rosy, a two-time MVP and 1995 Rookie of the Year, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016, celebrated his 45th birthday today.

Rosy played third base for Denver and Toronto, but started his career with San Diego in 1993. His number 3 was retired by San Diego (now Anchorage Aces) in 2010. Continue reading “HOFer Rosy Celebrates 45th Birthday”

Longer Season Prompts Broken Records

As was predicted at the beginning of the baseball season, the longer 100-game schedule has produced record-breaking performances that in some cases took down player records that were decades old.

Most notably to fall was the long-standing record for single-season hits, which was established in 1995 when Chuck Provost had 147 over an 80-game year (though he played in just 78 games), the same season he set the batting average record of .444. Continue reading “Longer Season Prompts Broken Records”