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Will 2021 Be Dave Norman’s Year for the HOF?

(GAME DATE — Oct. 31, 2020) — Very shortly the ballots will be sent out to the league’s GM’s for their votes on their selections for the most eligible players to be inducted into the Bull League Hall of Fame. For the fourth year in a row, Dave “The Dominator” Norman’s name will appear on that ballot — will 2021 finally be the year he is admitted to the hallowed Hall?

The fleet-footed right fielder is known for his all-time stolen bases record, 303 after his 21 seasons of service, accumulated in 1,297 games. But few know that Norman was also a two-time league batting champ, one of the few to be named such in both leagues. Continue reading “Will 2021 Be Dave Norman’s Year for the HOF?”

Terrazas, Tessier Inducted into Hall

(Game date: Jan. 16, 2019) — Two Bull League legends have been overwhelmingly voted in to the Bull League’s venerable Hall of Fame on their first time appearing on the ballot, it was announced today.

Eric Tessier is the second catcher inducted into the Hall of Fame, and holds multiple batting records among Bull League catchers

Eric Tessier, a long-time catcher for the Toronto Ducks, who later played brief stints for Montreal, Calgary and Seattle, the current single-season runs and WAR record-holder among all catchers, and who is 4th on the all-time home runs leaderboard for catchers, was inducted with 99.7% of the votes. 

Continue reading “Terrazas, Tessier Inducted into Hall”

Early Preview of Hall of Fame Eligible Players for 2019

Hall of Fame voting is still many months away, but we will take a brief look now, during the “dog days of summer”, at who will be on the ballot and who is a likely candidate to get voted in for 2019.

For those who are uninitiated, the Bull League’s Hall of Fame allows for fairly brief entry. Players need only be retired for two complete seasons before becoming eligible to be named on the ballot. They require just five years of playing time (though all inductees have much more), but are only kept on the ballot for five years. Continue reading “Early Preview of Hall of Fame Eligible Players for 2019”

Papierclip Voted to the Hall

Jacques Papierclip will be the sole induction to the hallowed halls of the Bull League Hall of Fame for 2018, after taking in 82.5% of the votes in his second year of eligibility.

Players require 75% or more of the votes for admission, and must have been retired at least two seasons to become eligible. Continue reading “Papierclip Voted to the Hall”

Bull League Hall of Fame Fast Facts

With the highly anticipated announcement of the Hall of Fame ballot results coming shortly, we take a moment to look at the current Hall of Fame residents and some interesting facts about the hall.

  • There are currently 24 players in the Bull League Hall of Fame
  • There are 9 starting pitchers, and 1 reliever (a closer)
  • There is just 1 catcher and 1 first baseman
  • There are 2 2B-men
  • There are 4 3B-men
  • There are 6 outfielders
  • The highest vote-getter was Iron Arm who was inducted in 2014 with 99.7% of votes
  • The lowest vote-getter was Flamer Flaherty who was inducted in 2010 with the minimum 75.0%
  • Two players were admitted by the Commissioner as special inductees and therefore without considering ballots. They were Sean “Speed” Lewis of Toronto, and Carl Simms of Nevada.
  • Four Hall of Famers have loaned their names to Rookie League divisions, including Simms and Arm, along with Chuck Provost and Chris Felix.
  • The Bull League MVP award was renamed to the Carl Simms MVP Award after the Hall of Famer, who won most valuable player honors 6 times in his career, a Bull League record.
  • The New York Dragons and the Detroit Motorheads claim the most Hall of Fame inductees, with each team having four players inducted wearing their team colors. The four Dragons were all inducted when the team was named Minutemen, while the Motorheads were called the Chicoutimi Cinquantes at the time.
  • Chris Felix was the first player to be inducted, in 2006, after garnering 94.9% of the votes that year. He was the only Hall of Famer until 2009 when five more players were added, Bill SchafferFred FasterpitchHugh MulhollandMark Fernandes, and Hazel Dell.

Hall of Fame Announcements Expected Soon

In just over a week, the Bull League Hall of Fame will announce its 2018 inductees, and so far the rumored leading vote-getter is Jacques Papierclip, though he may not garner enough votes to make it in.

Jacques played 24 seasons as a starting pitcher in the Bull League, retiring at age 41 from the New York Minutemen in 2011. Over his career he amassed a record of 98-66, playing in 265 games and crafting a 3.18 career ERA (tied at 8th on the career leaders list). Continue reading “Hall of Fame Announcements Expected Soon”