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First to Worst: Metros Eliminated

(GAME DATE – Sep. 16, 2019) — The Montreal Metros, who were 2018 Bull Cup champions, have been eliminated from playoff contention with 2 weeks left on the schedule.

The Metros have compiled a 66-82 (.446) record, on track to have their worst finish by win percentage since 2001, when they ended that 80-game season 35-45 (.438). Continue reading “First to Worst: Metros Eliminated”

Teams Spending Big In Offseason

(Game date: Dec. 20, 2018) — Bull League teams have been spending big this offseason, partly in anticipation of a longer season bringing in more revenue.

But adding to the spending craze is that this has been one of the best-stocked free agent pools in a few years, leading to some big name talent moving around for sizable piles of cash.

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Kareem Becomes a Dragon in Spring Trade

Gula Kareem, one of several catchers for the Toronto Nomads, has become a New York Dragon in a move that will see second baseman Hector Martinez move to Toronto.

Kareem, the 30-year-old South African won a Platinum Glove award for being the Lake League’s top defensive catcher in 2016, and then was voted into the All-Star Game last season. After five seasons at the major level, he has a career average of .248, with 34 home runs and 105 RBIs. Continue reading “Kareem Becomes a Dragon in Spring Trade”

Nomads Deal Avila to California

The rebuilding California Tidals have executed yet another trade this off-season, sending 28-year-old catcher Mike Krenz to the Toronto Nomads in exchange for right-handed bullpen arm Juan Avila.

The 26-year-old Avila is seen as a good fit for the rebuilding Tidals, after a great season in the Nomads bullpen in 2017, in which he went 3-1 with a pair of saves, and held an ERA of just 1.21 over 22.1 innings. Continue reading “Nomads Deal Avila to California”

Ducks Make Big Offer to Kareem

The Toronto Ducks are rumored to have made a big offer to star catcher Gula Kareem, whose contract expires at the end of this season.

The South African phenom originally joined the organization as an international free agent in 2012, playing his first year in 2013. He has been platooned at the catcher position, most recently with Hong-ryul Oh, the Korean veteran, since joining the team, but this year took a more active role as the starter while home run hitter Oh was moved to the DH for much of the year.

Kareem has struggled to break out, and many feel he hasn’t been worth the salt that’s been paid for him – his first year contract was $3.4 million, and for 2016 he won an arbitration contract of $4.95 million. But this year his numbers have been more productive, including double-digit homers.

Scouts have referred to his fielding as “inconsistent” but the Ducks are rumored to have offered over $6 million for his continued services through 2017.

Ducks are rumored to be talked contract extension with star catcher Kareem
Ducks are rumored to be talked contract extension with star catcher Kareem