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The Curious Case of Marcus White

The Bull League’s two leagues, the Lake League and the Metro League (formerly the American Eagle League), were both no-DH leagues from 1995 until 2001, meaning pitchers used to take their turn at bat.

The removal of the designated hitter rule can often put added pressure on a manager when making lineup changes during a game, mainly a decision on whether to pinch hit for a pitcher during critical times, typically because even a great pitcher is normally not a great batter. Continue reading “The Curious Case of Marcus White”

Gold Crown Hitters Announced

The winners of the American Eagle League and Lake League Gold Crown award demonstrated “consistent and outstanding offensive excellence,” according to a statement made from the office of the Bull Baseball League commissioner.

The AEL winners for 2016 are:

C – Dao-zi Ling (Calgary) .339/.379/.629 25 HR
1B – David Chinchilla (California) .269/.315/.550 23 HR
2B – Rogelio Berreras (Norfolk) .305/.334/.442 4 HR
3B – Cody Martin (Calgary) .301/.379/.610 26 HR
SS – Manny Davila (Calgary) .314/.387/.495 9 HR
LF – Ger Vaartjes (Anchorage) .280/.342/.505 16 HR
CF – Ricky Jalapeno (Anchorage) .324/.389/.515 12 HR
RF – Alex Viramontes (Anchorage) .365/.456/.591 18 HR
DH – Jim Lahey (California) .278/.337/.544 24 HR

The LL winners for 2016 are:

C – Tyrone O’Saurus (Ohio) .254/.355/.536 22 HR
1B – Zenjiro Suga (Hamilton) .278/.347/.529 17 HR
2B – Peyton May (Montreal) .321/.366/.589 19 HR
3B – Xavier de Soto (Kingston) .323/.337/.427 4 HR
SS – Alphonso George (Montreal) .329/.398/.573 17 HR
LF – Narushi Ohata (Boston) .290/.360/.502 15 HR
CF – Bruce Aberto (Boston) .336/.376/.577 18 HR
RF – Ollie Oxenfree (Ohio) .268/.318/.568 27 HR
DH – Frank Erickson (Chicago) .277/.335/.557 17 HR