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Dave O’Brien Hired in Seattle

The Seattle Salts have hired Dave O’Brien as GM and manager, replacing Rex Randy, who had been GM for much of 2017 before mysteriously vanishing without a trace.

The Salts continued to play well, despite the missing GM, with Jerry Perelli filling in and bringing the team to the playoffs.

But, Salts ownership is hopeful that O’Brien is the man to lead the team to a Bull Cup final, breaking a 25 year championship drought, or at least to make their first appearance since 2014.


Weinberg Stepping Down Temporarily

Rimouski Fighting Moose GM and manager Bob Weinberg has stepped down from his role effective today, allowing former GM and current Assistant GM Dylan Hall to take the reins.

Weinberg cited personal reasons for decided to take a hiatus for the off-season, but left the possibility open that he may return before the season starts in May. Continue reading “Weinberg Stepping Down Temporarily”

Kevin Norris Takes Over in Arizona

The Arizona Cowboys have today announced the hiring of a new GM, Kevin Norris. He takes over effective immediately.

The Cowboys had recently given the last GM Matt Johnson, and manager Ryan McCarty their walking papers. Kyle Bullen was sacked as GM earlier this year. Continue reading “Kevin Norris Takes Over in Arizona”

Burke Named AEL’s Best Skipper for 2017

Brendan Burke was a rookie GM and manager of the Jacksonville Ravens when he was taken on prior to the opening of the 2017 season, but the Ravens fans and ownership were glad they found him.

Burke was named AEL Manager of the Year after a fantastic 57-43 finish that included a 14th playoff appearance for the team, one that saw them meet the ultimately successful Calgary Inferno in the AEL Championship Series. Continue reading “Burke Named AEL’s Best Skipper for 2017”

New GMs Take Over in Arizona, Calgary

Two new GMs were appointed in the last two weeks, as teams prepare their front offices for the coming 2017 regular season.

Kyle Bullen was hired to run the Arizona Cowboys in the American Eagle League’s West division, officially taking the helm in time for Week 8 in the Florida Rookie League, where the Arizona Cowboys B squad out of Hollywood, FL, is 23-24, 11 games behind the Ohio Oxen B, in the Atlantic Coast Division. Continue reading “New GMs Take Over in Arizona, Calgary”