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The Curious Case of Marcus White

The Bull League’s two leagues, the Lake League and the Metro League (formerly the American Eagle League), were both no-DH leagues from 1995 until 2001, meaning pitchers used to take their turn at bat.

The removal of the designated hitter rule can often put added pressure on a manager when making lineup changes during a game, mainly a decision on whether to pinch hit for a pitcher during critical times, typically because even a great pitcher is normally not a great batter. Continue reading “The Curious Case of Marcus White”

Hall of Fame Voting Opens Today

The Hall of Fame voting period opens today for the 2018 induction ceremonies.

While there are a trio of worthy players in their first-year of eligibility, there are also some who have been on the ballot before and who are hoping this will be their year. Continue reading “Hall of Fame Voting Opens Today”