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Questions linger after shoddy showings and cryptic comments by O’Beer

From our correspondent

Ohio Oxen closer Casey O'Beer has stirred up controversy with recent media comments on the back of several pale outings
Ohio Oxen closer Casey O’Beer has stirred up controversy with recent media comments on the back of several pale outings

Some around the league are calling into question the character and integrity of Casey O’Beer, Ohio’s famously prickly closer, following a series of notably poor performances on the mound last week and a post-game interview in which he appeared to indicate they may have been deliberate.

The normally solid and reliable O’Beer had an ERA of just over 2.00 heading into the Oxen’s recent series against the Chicago Pit Bulls, but during his last three outings has managed to rack up two losses and a blown save, all as a result of surrendering late-game runs in crucial situations. Atypical and disappointing for his club – currently involved in a close pennant race – without a doubt.

To make matters worse, O’Beer raised eyebrows when asked about the awful outings by KRAP radio’s Corey Shelledman, and responded: “Well, I’m a top notch superstar who’s currently very unhappy with his joke of a contract. Give that a bit of thought and draw your own conclusions. I’m not exactly saying that I went out there and tanked those games intentionally, but you know.. if you just think about it for a minute, then that’s sort of exactly what I’m saying.”

The Pineville,LA native O’Beer is signed to a $630,000/year contract through 2017 and will become a free agent after next season.

Reached for comment, an unnamed source for the Oxen told us: “It has become quite clear to us over the last few days that he [O’Beer] has no future with this organization – at least not at this level. We’re gonna put that unprofessional prima donna on a bus and see how he enjoys playing Single-A ball for a little while. And you never know.. those bus rides can be long and bumpy. Sometimes guys end up with a broken leg or two upon arrival.. from the ride that is.”

O’Beer is 2-4 for Ohio this season, with an ERA of 3.81. He is 2-2 in August with 5 saves and  an ERA of 6.97. His blown save was his first since 2014.