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First Winter League Accolades Given Out

The Bull Oceanic Winter League (BOWL) wrapped up its first season of developmental baseball, with the Tunis Freemen capping their season with an 8-3 victory over the Lagos Millionaires, on Friday.

And now, two days later, the first BOWL player awards were announced to recognize all of the achievements during the 36-game season. Continue reading “First Winter League Accolades Given Out”


Tunis Takes it All, in Epic BOWL Final Game

The Bull Oceanic Winter League (BOWL) playoffs have ended in spectacular fashion as the Tunis Freemen take the postseason prize in an 8-3 drubbing of the Lagos Millionaires, in a game that featured a 7-run inning for the victors, and 3 errors committed by the vanquished Millionaires.

The Tunis side was made up of the lower minor system players from the Chicago Pit Bulls and the Seattle Salts, and the squad proved themselves to be very capable indeed as starter Scott Herrera, an A-level right-hander for Chicago’s Peoria Mosquitos, accomplished his 7th win of the tournament. Continue reading “Tunis Takes it All, in Epic BOWL Final Game”

Episode #6 (2018): BOWL Champs & Awards, College Update, AEL East Breakdown

What happened in the BOWL winter championships, and who won the season player awards? What’s been going on in the college leagues and hey, was there a no-hitter in the last sim? Also, we discuss the recent Toronto-California trade and give a rundown on the AEL East for 2018. All this and more!


BOWL Playoffs Set

The Bull Oceanic Winter League (BOWL) has nearly wrapped up it’s first season of developmental winter baseball, after the last of the regular season round-robins games finished yesterday.

The knock-out round starts on Wednesday, with the single game semi-final matchups: Lagos-Algiers and Tunis-Melbourne. Continue reading “BOWL Playoffs Set”

Episode #4 (2018): BOWL Playoffs, LL West Predictions, And More

The Bull Oceanic Winter League playoffs are well in hand, as the winter league wraps up for season, highlighting some great talent. Ohio and Minneapolis could dominate the LL West, but is there a dark horse amongst the rest of the pack? And the much more news you can use as we continue our baseball hot stove podcasting, like the Ohio Oxen’s move from Toledo to Cinci.


No-No for Takeda in BOWL Action

The Algiers Berbers, in the Bull Oceanic Winter League (BOWL), produced a masterful outing with Nevada Speeders AA-level right-hander Kaoru Takeda on the mound, earning a complete game no-hitter that was just 3 walks away from a perfect game.

So far during winter ball, Takeda has been at the top of his game, going 3-0 with a 1.36 ERA, holding batters to a .241 BABIP and 0.88 WHIP. He has not allowed a home run since 2016. Continue reading “No-No for Takeda in BOWL Action”