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Busy Opening for BOL Winter Meetings

There was lots of activity on the opening day of Bull Oceanic League Winter Meetings, with a trade and two major free agent signings kicking things off. We give the run-down for Day 1 here: Continue reading “Busy Opening for BOL Winter Meetings”


BOL News: Winter Meetings Begin

The flights have arrived, the check-ins at the hotels have been completed and the bags have been unpacked. With that, the annual congregation known as the Bull Oceanic League Winter Meetings can now begin in earnest. General managers from across the league will engage in three days of talk and debate, and fans, reporters and rival ballclubs will all await the developments with keen anticipation. Trade and contract talk will no doubt be heard almost everywhere a team GM can be found and the close proximity of so many club officials will make for rapid feedback on any proposals. Continue reading “BOL News: Winter Meetings Begin”


Nuclears Sweep Christchurch in Oceanic Cup

The Newcastle Nuclears made it look easy today as they collected the 1st Oceanic Cup championship in league history.

They swept the Christchurch Christians in straight games, winning the series 4-0. The Nuclears disposed of Christchurch 4-3 in the series finale at Drivers Ballpark.

“They were the better team this year, no doubt about it,” said Christians manager Derek Jost.

During the regular season, Newcastle put up a 36-14 record and finished first in the AUS Division.

Nuclears sweep Christchurch in the inaugural Oceanic Cup.

Episode 12 – End of BOL Regular Season, Toronto Nomads featured

Bull Baseball News
Episode 12 - End of BOL Regular Season, Toronto Nomads featured

The Bull Oceanic League (BOL) regular season comes to a close. Find out who made the playoffs and what the predictions are. Toronto Nomads are the featured team for off-season review.