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2020 All Star Game logo

BBL News: The All-Star Game Voting Begins

Let the voting begin! The annual Bull Baseball League All-Star game is rapidly approaching, and everyone is welcome to vote for their favorite players to represent each team.

This year, the game will be held at The Burg, home stadium of the 2019 Bull Cup champion St. Petersburg Admirals. General manager Brandon Popper is said to be elated at the prospect of all the league’s attention – once again – on his home town and ballpark. Continue reading “BBL News: The All-Star Game Voting Begins”

Admirals Clinch Playoff Berth, Take ML East Pennant

(GAME DATE – Sept. 16, 2019) — The St. Petersburg Admirals, led by the veteran GM/manager, Brandon Popper, have clinched the Metro League East pennant, and are the first team to secure a playoff spot in the 2019 season.

The Admirals will now see their 4th consecutive playoff, and their 6th since 1995, in what many observers are calling a new era of dominance for the club, once based in San Diego, and later Anchorage.

Continue reading “Admirals Clinch Playoff Berth, Take ML East Pennant”

Papierclip Voted to the Hall

Jacques Papierclip will be the sole induction to the hallowed halls of the Bull League Hall of Fame for 2018, after taking in 82.5% of the votes in his second year of eligibility.

Players require 75% or more of the votes for admission, and must have been retired at least two seasons to become eligible. Continue reading “Papierclip Voted to the Hall”

Ohio GM Named GM of the Year for 2017

Ohio Oxen GM and manager Dylan Maccarone has been named “GM of the Year” by his fellow GMs in voting for the 2017 award.

Voting took place at the close of the regular baseball season. Continue reading “Ohio GM Named GM of the Year for 2017”

Bull League GMs Take Control of World Cup Teams

The World Cup of Baseball starts next month, and many Bull League GMs have been rewarded with posts at the head of the prestigious international teams selected to compete.

The WCB features major-level and AAA-level players from the Bull League all of whom are competing for their national team in an inaugural tournament to be held in London, England, in 2017. It is expected the tournament will continue annually each fall. Continue reading “Bull League GMs Take Control of World Cup Teams”

Anchorage Farm Teams Complete a Move, Rebrand

Anchorage Aces have today completed a series of moves and rebranding that will see three of the teams relocated to new cities and given different nicknames, it was announced today.

St. Anthony SeaWolves (AAA) new logo

Aces GM Brandon Popper is said to be ecstatic that the move could be completed so quickly, during the preseason, with such little notice.

It is expected that baseball fans will flock to the newly relocated teams, which include the St. Anthony (Nfld) SeaWolves (formerly the Albany Statesmen) in the AAA-level Cow League, Savannah Buccaneers (formerly the Atlanta Orange Sox) in the AA-level Heifer League, the Tijuana Firebirds (formerly the Nogales Caballeros) in the A-level Calf League. The Short Season A-level Paris Foxes in the Milk League will not be relocated.

Anchorage Aces are a recently transplanted team, having been in San Diego as the Seagulls from 1991 until 2016, before being moved to Anchorage, Alaska.