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Arbitration Hearings Completed, FA’s Filed

(Game date: Oct. 23, 2018) — The league’s arbitration cases were heard earlier this week, and teams and players have now settled and can get back to offseason preparations.

Free agents also filed recently, and a list of international players have joined the available free agents on the list.

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Arbitration Rulings Give Major Awards

Several players have earned big contracts through arbitration, it was announced today, with the biggest award going to Montreal Metros shortstop Alfonso George, at $13.8 million.

This arbitration award is higher than the $13.1 million “qualifying offer” amount that certain compensation-eligible pending free agents were due to accept during this year’s player bargaining, and makes George the 3rd-highest paid shortstop in the Bull League. Continue reading “Arbitration Rulings Give Major Awards”

Players File Notices for Free Agency, Arbitration

It’s that time of the year again, as the Bull League players notify their teams of their intentions to file for free agency, and pass along their arbitration demands.

This year will be the first season since the league’s GMs and the player’s association agreed to remove A and B type free agency, changing to a draft pick compensation system based on a qualifying offer. Continue reading “Players File Notices for Free Agency, Arbitration”