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Last AEL Player Awards Announced

(Game date: Oct. 7, 2018) — The final season for the American Eagle League, which will be renamed for 2019 as the Metropolitan League, has come to a close. The last official act for the league was the issue its 2018 season player awards, which were announced today.

Taking home the 2018 AEL Carl Simms MVP Award as the most valuable player during the year was dominant Norfolk Sharks catcher Earl MacPherson.

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2017 Player Awards Announced

The 2017 Player Awards have been announced, and while were some surprises, there were also a few awards that had been virtually locked since August. Continue reading “2017 Player Awards Announced”

Rodriguez Triumphs in Sandy Koufax Award Voting

The Sandy Koufax Award for 2016 has been presented and the American Eagle League winner is Ricky Rodriguez of Jacksonville.

“It’s always nice to receive an award like this,” said Rodriguez. “I just hope I can improve on my performance next year and be in the running again,” the Ravens star told reporters.

Rodriguez excelled with an impressive 10-4 record in 18 starts. In 143 innings he yielded 123 hits and 20 walks, while striking out 137 and compiling a fine 2.58 ERA.