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Episode #14 (2018): Week 1 Roundup, The Draft Begins, and more

In this week’s episode we recap the first week and change of regular season baseball, including the Toronto Nomads and their strange perch atop the LL East (1:21) … Can-Am College World Series wrapped up finally giving us the 2018 champions, the Grand Canyon College Spirits, plus we announce the major award winners (30:27) … The 2018 draft order is explained and we give you the first four picks as the draft gets underway (34:10) … Our new feature StatsPlus goes live, we run down the intro the major features and sabermetrics offered, plus we discuss the Slack changes and note a recently available team (45:37)

Episode #13 (2018): Opening Day Series Results

The first six games are done. We recap the opening series games (0:56) with special attention to the great pitching on Day 1 of the season.  The second series of the schedule is halfway done, we recap what happened so far (36:12), and finish off with a round up of injury and other news items, and the CANAM college playoff finals so far (44:12).

Playoffs Start for CAN-AM’s 2nd Season

The second season of the Can-Am College League has entered the playoffs, using their new best-of-seven format and no designated-hitter rule for the first time.

Among the match-ups are some of the new teams added for the 2018 season, but conspicuously absent are last year’s champions, Freeport University, which left the league, and the 2017 runner-up, Assiniboine University, which failed to qualify. Continue reading “Playoffs Start for CAN-AM’s 2nd Season”