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2017 Season Was Best Yet For Fans

The numbers are in, and the 2017 season was a spectacular success, which has led the Bull League to renegotiate media contracts and reassess team finances for the 2018 season.

Overall, due to the lengthened 100-game season, the league’s overall attendance numbers were up. The regular season saw 33,399,885 fans in paid attendance at ballparks throughout the American Eagle and Lake leagues. Continue reading “2017 Season Was Best Yet For Fans”

2017 St. Andrew’s Day Games Set

The 2nd annual St. Andrew’s Day series exhibition schedule has been finalized, and for the first year ever all 20 teams in the Bull League will be in action for this off-season feature.

In 2016, for the inaugural series, we saw 14 teams square off in the warmer destination cities. But this year, with so many domed stadiums in use in the league, all of the teams were able to be put into play for this special series honoring the Scottish saint. Continue reading “2017 St. Andrew’s Day Games Set”

Draft Day: 2017 First Year Draft Well-Stocked

The 2017 First Year Player Draft is here, and promises to be well-stocked for both pitchers and position players, at least for the first few rounds of choices. Continue reading “Draft Day: 2017 First Year Draft Well-Stocked”

2017 Draft Pool Revealed

The Draft Pool has been approved and posted, and for the first time ever, will include non-amateurs from the independent Bull Oceanic League, as well as the top college and high school players.

There are over 2,000 eligible players in this year’s draft, although only abut 600 will be selected over the course of the 2017 First Year Player Draft. Continue reading “2017 Draft Pool Revealed”

Two Weeks Until Draft Pool Announced

The first year amateur player draft pool will be announced on May 1, just two weeks from today. While the players who will eventually be in that pool are still playing out their college and high school seasons, the teams who will be making those draft picks on June 17 are making preparations for the big day.

Due to the Bull League’s Collective Bargaining Agreement with the players’ association, which allows for draft pick trading and for compensation picks for losses of Type A and Type B players to free agency, the 2017 draft will look unique and may prove challenging for some teams trying to improve their competitiveness.

Continue reading “Two Weeks Until Draft Pool Announced”

League 2017 Fundraising Campaign Kicks Off

The Bull League brings loads of fun to many — GM’s, OOTP17 fans, and fans of baseball. But to operate such an awesome league costs money, and this year we are kicking off our modest fundraising campaign to help pay for such features as:

  • Fully-functional hosted blog site supporting all OOTP league files and stats
  • StatsLab, StatsPlus and our own wiki
  • Podcasts and YouTube videos for the listening/viewing enjoyment of the league
  • Refurbished trophies and more!

Consider a donation today to help ease the costs of participating in what is clearly the best and most immersive fictional OOTP17 online league around!

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