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Rookie Hamilton Hammers’ shortstop Leads New Zealand League to Win in Annual All-Star Game

The best players the BOL has to offer took to Drivers Ballpark tonight for an all-star showcase.

When the dust settled, the New Zealand League bested the Australian League by a score of 6-0.

Helping the New Zealand League to victory was Wendell Jacoby, who said it’s a memory he’ll cherish.

“You can tell your kids and your grand kids some day that you were the MVP of the all-star game, that’s a pretty cool moment,” he said.



Episode 3 – Bull Oceanic League All-Star Game, FA Signings

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Episode 3 - Bull Oceanic League All-Star Game, FA Signings

We’ve moved ahead to Nov. 12 in the Bull League, and the inaugural Bull Oceanic League All-Star Game has happened. We bring you the highlights from the game, and off-season Free Agent signing news from the Bull League, as well as a Hall of Fame preview.

New Zealand Takes First BOL All-Star Game

The New Zealand All Stars faced off against the Australia All Stars in the inaugural Bull Oceanic League (BOL) All-Star Game, at Newcastle’s Drivers Ballpark tonight (simulation date November 10, 2016).

The Kiwi team took an early lead and never looked back, with their pitching rendering the normally strong Aussie bats virtually impotent. Continue reading “New Zealand Takes First BOL All-Star Game”

Preview: Bull Oceanic All-Star Game

The Bull Oceanic League, the 50-game short season fall distraction featuring fictional simulated baseball teams “down under”, has reached its’ mid way point and will hold its All-Star Game.

Rather, the simulation date is already November 11 in league time and the ASG happened “yesterday” so to speak. However, the game video and results will be posted today (September 28th) at noon allowing a unique opportunity to leverage our prerecorded YouTube video broadcast as well as allow for some simulated betting fun.

The Australia All-Stars are a slight favorite on the strength of the higherror run scoring of the Aussie teams in this inaugural BOL season.

Les Groves, the Newcastle Nuclears catcher, is batting close to .400 and three players are tied for the HR lead with 5 a piece.

The kiwi teams have some bats on them too, but so far the pitching is telling the story for that division. The top teams, like Christchurch and Dunedin, have allowed under 3 runs/game, and Queenstown is the first BOL to hit 200 batters struck out.

The kiwis have bats too but all concentrated on the Hamilton roster, with Brayden Franks at 8 HRs and Harris D’antonio at 6, along with the top 3 batting average hitters.

NZ @ Australia will post at 12:00 pm EST, the video will go live and results will be available just after betting closes.