Surprise in Peoria as Denham Departs

Fans and even insiders in the Chicago Pit Bulls organization, particularly of the A-level affiliate Peoria Mosquitos, were surprised to learn today that long-time manager Roland Denham‘s contract was not renewed and he has left the organization.

No statement was released by the Pit Bulls media office, however the club did indicate that rookie skipper Randy Reddy was hired on in Denham’s place.

Denham had led the Mosquitos to two Calf Cup victories since 2004, the first coming in just the second year of that minor league’s existence, and the second one coming just four days ago as the Mosquitos sent the Tucson Rattlers packing in the final round of the Calf Cup earlier this week. He amassed a managerial record of 530-394 (.574) during that time, with five playoff appearances.

Though Denham had a reputation of being a tough clubhouse boss, and he was known to have fits of temper when things didn’t go right, his track record for success using sabermetrics, and a heavy use of the shift speaks for itself.

Denham remained the most successful Calf League manager over the last 15 seasons. Winnipeg Gophers manager Jacob Parker (528-396, .571), and Lubbock Luddites leader Kevon Burrell (504-421, .545) are the only two other veteran skippers whose win-loss records even come close to Denham’s.  In addition, no other managers even exceed 500 wins aside from these three.

These are without a doubt huge shoes for newcomer Reddy to fill next season, though for now the team winds down from it’s busy season and looks to rest, train and regroup for 2018.

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