Nashville Misfits to face Bucs in Heifer Cup

The Nashville Misfits shutout the Anchorage Sky Chiefs 2-0 in Game 4 of the best-of-five Pasture League Championship Series tonight, and will now advance to face the Savannah Buccaneers in the Heifer Cup.

The AA-level affiliate for the Battle Creek Attack, the Misfits are going to their first Heifer Cup, after making the playoffs two previous times but failing to advance past the first round. In 2013, the Heifer League’s debut year, the Misfits were beat by Seba Beach in five games, and last season Chilliwack took them the full five before going on to win the Heifer Cup over Quebec City.

Heifer League teams do not play inter-league games between the Pasture League and the Barn League, the two AA-level subleagues, and so the Misfits have not squared off against the Bucs this year.

However, at a glance, the two teams seem fairly evenly matched, having similar records (Nashville: 39-33, Savannah: 41-31) and comparable power and run scoring through the year.  Both teams had 2nd in their league starter ERA’s, though the Bucs had a better on-base percentage and more steals, suggesting more speed and better base running overall.

The series gets underway on Wednesday, with Nashville’s Brian Martin (1-0) and Savannah’s Eric Shallow (1-0) scheduled to start.

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