FRL Weekly Team Power Rankings, Week #9

New York Minutemen B reclaim the top perch in the FRL weekly power rankings, despite being one game behind division leaders, the Ohio Oxen B. The Minutemen rookies had a great week, including a complete game one-hitter pitched by 22-year-old starting right-hander Hikoo Inoue. Also, phenom first baseman Justin Cusimano knocked in another three homers to bring his league-leading season total to 23. Overall, the Minutemen B side went 5-2 this week, with four wins on shutouts.

Ohio was strong as well, but gave up some of their game lead after suffering losses to Nevada and Battle Creek, then two to Chicoutimi. The Oxen B team was 3-4 on the week, with last week’s POTW Nate Warner only collecting one home run and just 4 hits.

Here are the current team power rankings for Florida Rookie League:

Teams (Total Points, Tendency):
1) West Palm Beach New York Minutemen B (126.0, +)
2) Key Largo Ohio Oxen B (123.0, -)
3) Fort Myers Dallas Lawmen B (119.9, -)
4) Naples Anchorage Aces B (104.5, o)
5) Ocala Norfolk Sharks B (100.6, ++)
6) Miami Chicoutimi Cinquantes B (99.7, ++)
7) Orlando California Tidals B (99.6, -)
8) Largo Chicago Pit Bulls B (99.5, ++)
9) Tampa Hamilton Crusaders B (94.6, -)
10) Tallahassee Kingston Cannons B (92.6, –)
11) Hollywood Arizona Cowboys B (89.5, –)
12) Clearwater Battle Creek Attack B (86.4, -)
13) Fort Lauderdale Toronto Nomads B (85.4, +)
14) Sarasota Calgary Inferno B (82.4, -)
15) Pensacola Nevada Speeders B (78.3, +)
16) Vero Beach Montreal Metros B (77.4, -)
17) Jupiter Boston Brawlers B (63.1, +)
18) Lakeland Seattle Salts B (61.1, -)
19) Jacksonville Ravens B (59.0, -)
20) Daytona Beach Denver Highlanders B (56.1, o)

FRL Votes Hamilton Crusaders B Bonner Top Player

With some great hand-eye coordination and a sweet, compact swing, Tampa Hamilton Crusaders B right fielder Brian Bonner took the Fla Rookie League by storm this past week to take the latest Player of the Week honors.

“The ball was looking like a beach ball all week,” a happy Bonner said to BNN reporters. “When it’s that big, it doesn’t matter where they throw it — I can hit it anywhere.”

The 19-year-old right fielder hit .480 (12-for-25) last week with 3 home runs, 9 RBIs and 5 runs scored.

For the season Bonner is hitting .354, batted in 33 runs with 11 home runs and 30 runs scored.

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