Florida Rookie League Opens Jan. 16

Despite winter’s snow and cold weather, Opening Day is nearly here — for the Florida Rookie League (FRL) that is.

The brand-new minor league will open its inaugural 62-game season on January 16, with all 20 Bull League teams fielding a rookie “B” team based out of various Florida locales. The schedule of games runs to March 22, with no postseason playoff.

The FRL is intended to get rookies and underdeveloped minor leaguers some playing experience prior to the opening of the regular Spring Training and prior to the opening of baseball in the other minor leagues.

Opening day will see the following match-ups:

  • Boston Brawlers B vs. California Tidals B at Orlando
  • Anchorage Aces B vs. Denver Highlanders B at Daytona Beach
  • Chicago Pit Bulls B vs. Calgary Inferno B at Sarasota
  • Hamilton Crusaders B vs. Dallas Lawmen B at Fort Myers
  • Seattle Salts B vs. Norfolk Sharks B at Ocala
  • Toronto Nomads B vs. Montreal Metros B at Vero Beach
  • Ohio Oxen B vs. Arizona Cowboys B at Hollywood
  • Kingston Cannons B vs. New York Minutemen B at West Palm Beach
  • Battle Creek Attack B vs. Chicoutimi Cinquantes B at Miami
  • Jacksonville Ravens B vs. Nevada Speeders B at Pensacola

League rules limit rosters to players with less than 2 years of pro playing time (about 80 games), and who age 26 or under.

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