Florida Rookie League Gets Underway

The Florida Rookie League has kicked off across the sunshine state, and Bull League rookies are working off the off-season rust as their clubs’ older pros compete for roster spots at the top level in Spring Training nearby.

The FRL, which began last year as a winter league, was shifted to a spring-to-summer format schedule for 2018, and will play an 84-game schedule in a split season format this year.

The teams should wrap up play by July 15 before commencing a 3-round playoff.

The FRL is divided into two leagues: the Atlantic Coast League, and the Gulf Coast League. Each league has a pair of divisions, all named for Bull League Hall of Fame players. They are the Carl Simms Division, Chuck Provost Division, Chris Felix Division, and Iron Arm Division.

The players must be 21 or under to be rostered, with many teams filling their lineups using international amateur scouting discoveries, and high school draftees who need further development before being pushed up to A-level.

Teams in the FRL all take the name, logo and uniforms of their parent clubs.

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