Cow League Playoffs Start

The Cow League season came to a close, with the last wild card spot determined on the last day in dramatic fashion.

The last wild card slot was awarded to the Hillsborough Dinos (California) after they defeated the Savannah Salts (Seattle) in a make-up game yesterday.

The Dinos were at 41-40 after finishing their series against the Brampton Longhorns (Toronto) with a 4-3 loss. Two other teams were at 41-41 at the end of the season, the Halifax Gunboats (Calgary) and the Hartford Judges (Chicago). A loss for the Dinos would have meant a tie-breaker game would have had to be played to determine the final card.

But the Dinos pulled off a narrow win over the Salts in a comeback 6-5 win. With the victory, the final tables were set for the AAA-level Cow League opening postseason round:

  • Atlantic Coast League – Quarter-Finals (Best-of-3):
    • (1) Baltimore Bruins (52-30) vs. (4) Miami Marauders (42-40)
    • (2) Brampton Longhorns (43-39) vs. (3) Hillsborough Dinos (42-40)
  • Frontier League – Quarter-Finals (Best-of-3):
    • (1) Portland Timberwolves (53-29) vs. (4) Anaheim Pharaohs (44-38)
    • (2) Oakland Dukes (45-37) vs. (3) Toledo Tornadoes (50-32)

The action starts tomorrow with the ACL games, following by the FL games on Wednesday.

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