BOWL Playoffs Set

The Bull Oceanic Winter League (BOWL) has nearly wrapped up it’s first season of developmental winter baseball, after the last of the regular season round-robins games finished yesterday.

The knock-out round starts on Wednesday, with the single game semi-final matchups: Lagos-Algiers and Tunis-Melbourne.

Algiers held sway over the BOWL for much of the season, ending up with a 29-7 (.806) record, compared to the AUZ/NZ Division leaders, Melbourne, who had 23-13.

The first wildcard spot was an easy win for Tunis, who were 26-10 on the year. Lagos was the last wildcard entry, finishing with a 24-12 record, well above the nearest AUS/NZ runner up to Melbourne, who was 2nd place Gold Coast, at 18-18.

Algiers drew its team members from the Nevada Speeders and the Louisville Sluggers (formerly the Battle Creek Attack), and were absolutely stacked as a result with some of the top prospects in the Bull League, like Sluggers AA-level outfielder Micheal Brooks, who hit .393/.466/.513 in 36 winter ball games, leading in hits, doubles, and RBIs.

Tunis had Chicago Pit Bulls and Seattle Salts minor leaguers working for them, and used a 3-man rotation for the tournament, giving Chicago A-level RHP Scott Herrera a 6-2 record through the winter season, along with 62 K’s in 61.2 IP and a 2.77 ERA.

All told the quality of baseball was fantastic, and the players continuing into the postseason deserve to be there. However, all will be back with their respective Bull League clubs before week’s end, and teams will have an opportunity to evaluate who has improved, and who might deserve a shot at a Spring Training roster spot come April.


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