Boston’s Slade Throws AAA No-No

(GAME DATE – April 21, 2020) — Veteran right-handed hurler Brett Slade has thrown his first career no-hitter, accomplishing the feat while on the mound for the Halifax Gunboats, the AAA-level Cow League affiliate of the Boston Brawlers.

The 29-year-old, who is known for a nasty slider, went the full 9 innings, throwing 111 pitches, against the Brampton Longhorns, allowing just a single walk and registering 11 strikeouts.

Slade was extremely efficient, facing just 29 batters during the whole game. Aside from the walk, his one other runner came after he hit shortstop Tom Lovell with a pitch. Lovell was the only batter to reach base at all, as he was also the beneficiary of the lone walk allowed by Slade.

For much of the game, the Longhorns failed to even make solid contact. In the 4th, Dusty Vega nearly broke up the no-no with a blooper to center, but the speedy Gunboat CF, Lowell Woodford, was there to make the grab. The next batter, free-swinging Toronto prospect Nick Yagaslov, nearly planted a ball in the right gap, but this was chased down by Christian Hoskin.

The win was enough to split the Cow League opening series between the two clubs, at Brampton Grounds.

The last Cow League no-hitter was on August 22, 2016, by Rayford Mathias, who was then playing for Thunder Bay. He delivered a 1 walk, 10 strikeout hitless gem against the Halifax Gunboats to register the third no-no for that season.

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